Samsung introduces new photo frames P series

Friday, September 11, 2009

Samsung Electronics Company announced a digital photo frames LED-800R and 1000R. The new models combine a LED and a manufacturing method Corps Crystal Design. The use of LEDs has significantly reduced power consumption of photo frames. Samsung also notes the environmental friendliness of the new product, it is the absence of harmful materials such as mercury or lead.

Fotoframes 800R and 1000R have a built-in Bluetooth 2.0, which allows the device to send photos directly from your mobile phone or other gadgets that support this protocol. In addition, the user can watch videos or listen to music, audio output for wireless stereo headset.

R Series - the first line of digital photo frames from Samsung remote control, which allows you to easily toggle between frames: photos, videos, music, slideshow, watch. In addition, a frame equipped with internal memory of 2 GB. Photo frames are automatic on / off switch, multiple modes display a slide show and supports easy to use interface UI 2.0. In addition, the framework can be used as a clock.