Sony ICF-CL75iP: alarm clock, picture frame and docking station for iPod

Friday, September 4, 2009

Sony is offering an interesting solution for those who do not like clutter up their abode surplus electronic items. For those expected to produce a device Sony ICF-CL75iP, which combines the functionality of photo frames, alarm clock and docking station for iPod or iPhone. Unusually, only the combination of three devices in one - the basic functions of each individual do not constitute nothing unique.

Model Sony ICF-CL75iP has a 7-inch screen with a resolution of 800x480 pixels, 1 GB of internal memory and a removable docking station for iPod / iPhone. Files for playback device may receive as a USB-connector, and directly connected to the phone or player. It can also play music (mp3, WMA) and video (MP4, Motion JPEG, and AVI). In addition there is a module FM / AM radio with the ability to store 39 stations. Wake up this unusual instrument could also several ways: the inclusion of radio, iPod / iPhone, standard melodies alarm (including the sounds of nature), or playing 10-second voice recording.

Concerning the timing of marketing is not yet known, but at SonyStyle device on the list published in the near future, and indicated its price is $ 150.


Anonymous said...

Good in theory, Lousy in execution. Picked up one of these last night. It has some good qualities, but for the money the cons don't make it worth the price.

Pro: Big bright screen, sound is pretty good from the little speakers, 2 separate alarms that can be programmed for 2-5-7, for fun you can make your own recording to wake up too.

Cons: There are several ways to configure the display, but once the alarm goes off it defaults back to the large digits on top of an image. If you want it back to the way you had it you need to reset it.

Demo images that come from the slide show can't be deleted unless you reformat the internal memory. This also wipes out the nature sounds that come with the clock. So your choice is keep the nature sounds and the demo image of someone's kid, or wipe it all clean.

The wallpaper image behind the clock cannot be selectively chosen. It appears to give you the option but it doesn't work. The default is a slide show of all the images you have loaded. If you stop the slide show, the image behind the clock will default to the first image in memory. If you go to the select wallpaper option, and then select an image, it shows that image and lets you manually move through the other images, but it cannot be set as the wallpaper behind the clock.

Sony has its own MP3 players, and they just released on that's comparable to an iPod, but yet none of their docking stations handle their own MP3 players. Seriously Sony, the people in your R&D need to talk to each other.

Bottom line...not worth the money.

Anonymous said...

Missing a valuable setting: Ability to set dimness lower or on a schedule .