Sony VAIO X: ultraportable laptops "all day" battery life

Friday, September 4, 2009

Sony has demonstrated its new series notebooks VAIO X. More precisely, while they were shown prototypes of devices and their, rather, can be classified as netbooks, because they are based on the processor Intel Atom. In the final version of the Sony VAIO X can receive energy-efficient chips Intel CULV. Stated that they can operate on battery power all day. These notebooks - compact and light: the diagonal screen is 11.1 inches, and weight - less than 700 grams.

Sony VAIO X running operating system, Windows 7. They are, respectively, will come no earlier than October this year. Notebook Case is made of carbon fiber, which allows them to do much easier. We also know that they are equipped with built-in communication module 3G. Other information about the characteristics, as well as the timing of and cost Sony VAIO X yet.