Stereo Headset Sony Ericsson MH907 manages the mobile phone using your ears

Monday, September 21, 2009

The company Sony Ericsson, as promised, today introduced a new model for a wired stereo headset Sony Ericsson MH907, a distinguishing feature is the fact that it lacks the usual controls a mobile phone that replaced it in motion control. So, for that would include a music player in your phone, simply insert the two headset, but for the fact that to answer a call while playing music - to get out of one ear of the headphones. In this case, playing the music stops, which will continue after the owner MH907 insert into the ears of both halves of the headphones. For that would simply pause the music playback, enough to pull the headphones from his ears. However, with MH907 control, and calls: to answer the call, even if the owner of these headphones is listening to music, just insert one earphone in the ear and the phone automatically "lift" the tube, and after the headset has been removed from the ear - NEW "make" click "hang up".

Camera sees in this administration, plus the following - no need to press the keys, and in some cases and to find them. Wait income Sony Ericsson MH907 for sale should be within the next 3 months.