UMD games will not be converted to PSPgo

Monday, September 28, 2009

The representative of the U.S. subsidiary of Sony Computer Entertainment representative told Kotaku a resource that the owners of the game on a UMD-discs for gaming consoles PSP will not turn them into games for new consoles PSPgo. Currently, Sony Corporation by virtue of legal and technical issues will not implement a program to convert games from one type to another. Earlier it was reported that there is a similar program that would allow owners of earlier versions of PSP consoles make their UMD-discs in the program for PSPgo.

Portable console PSPgo no UMD-drive and play it can be downloaded only via wireless connections. At the same time there were rumors that in order to attract people to the new console will be implemented can convert the game from UMD-discs in the program for PSPgo. Denial of this idea will only affect those who already have a PSP, but is unlikely to have an impact on those for whom PSPgo will be the first console.


r4 carte said...

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