WebOS 1.2.0 has been finally released

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

The company has updated its Palm operating system webOS to version 1.2 in about two months after the release of webOS 1.1. The new version has several features that were not represented in the previous release webOS. Perhaps the most important innovations included the emergence of paid applications in e-shop App Catalog and the opportunity to purchase them using a credit card number. Besides, you can now download music from the online store Amazon MP3, not only through Wi-Fi, and cellular networks. Several new features have received and the browser, among them - downloading files, copying and pasting. Of the remaining innovations webOS 1.2 can be noted in support of LinkedIn Palm Synergy, filtering e-mail from your search query and the ability to call a phone number from the calendar.

Another change in Palm webOS 1.2 was the lack of synchronization with iTunes. Apple has always blocked the opportunity for devices Palm, but each time releasing updates the firmware, where the function returns. Now there is no support for synchronization and it is unclear whether she will ever again. Within a few weeks Palm Pre receive automatic updates to webOS 1.2, with respect to Palm Pixi, then it obviously will come out soon with a new version of the platform.