AMD Llano will support DirectX 11 and USB 3.0 - waiting for 2011

Sunday, October 25, 2009

According to Fudzilla, the new chip is AMD Llano, intended for use in laptops, will support USB 3.0 interface and DirectX 11 technologies. Recall, AMD Llano is a single-chip GPU / CPU-solution family Fusion, equipped with dual-core Phenom and an integrated video chip.

Nuclei in Phenom AMD Llano will be created on the 45 nm process technology and architecture K10.5. In addition, they will get some improvements, especially regarding energy consumption. With regard to the integrated GPU, it will probably be very similar to the mass mobile chip, formerly known as Park and uses the architecture of Evergreen. Indicator TDP of this discrete chip should reach 8 to 15 watts, but in a version that will be part of Llano, this figure is likely to be even lower. This IGP also receive support technology UVD 3.0.

In addition, AMD Llano will be equipped with support for DDR3 1600, a south bridge codenamed Hudson M2 will be able to maintain an interface USB 3.0, four slots PCIe, six SATA ports with RAID functions and CIR, as well as the timing pulse generator. Notebooks chip Llano on board will be implemented on a platform of AMD Sabine, which is likely to appear at the end of 2011.