Apple rejected the Intel Moorestown platform

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Resource Fudzilla, referring to anonymous sources from the number of producers, said that Apple has removed the possibility ispolzvaoniya in its product platform for Intel Moorestown. For this information, the reason for refusal was irrational power consumption chipset. It is stated that Apple requires solutions that consume energy when idle is about ten times less than it does Moorestown. Until then, while Intel's will not be able to reduce power consumption, the probability of its chipsets in mobile devices (phones, media players, etc.) are not too large. At the moment in terms of cost Intel significantly inferior to Nvidia, representing the market platform Tegra.

Indirectly, this information also confirms the rumors about the development by Apple Tablet PC, since only in this case may require high performance and cost associated with the presence of a large screen. Moorestown well as versions of the Atom, does not differ particularly economical, resulting in unnecessary reduction in working hours in all modes.


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