A beta version of Dr.Web for Symbian

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Doctor Web, "announced the beginning of beta testing a new product - Dr.Web for Symbian. Established on the basis of the anti-virus scanner, Dr.Web, this application provides protection for mobile devices running the operating system Symbian, from viruses and spam.

Dr.Web for Symbian can either hold a full antivirus scanning the file system, or "inspect" the files and folders specified by the user (including on removable memory cards). With the dangerous objects conversation short - to delete or quarantine. Upon completion of its work program provides the user with a detailed report.

One of the key features of Dr.Web for Symbian - the possibility of creating black and white lists, through which filtered SMS messages and phone calls. Thus it is possible not only to protect themselves from unwanted contact, but also to protect against fraud - in particular, will never receive SMS from the supposedly familiar people asking to put money on the phone.

Participate in beta-testing of Dr.Web for Symbian can any owner of a smartphone with an installed operating system Symbian, granted the developers of Doctor Web identifier IMEI. ID allows you to provide the program's signature, which guarantees the legitimacy of the use of anti-virus on this particular smartphone. Without this signature, the program simply does not install. Get IMEI typing * # 06 #. Distribution applications will be recompiled weekly - with the new IMEI from wishing to test Dr.Web for Symbian.