Bluetooth-watches Allerta inPulse: accessory for the BlackBerry

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Company Allerta start accepting orders for watches inPulse. They can not only display the time, but also to communicate with BlackBerry smartphones Interface Bluetooth 2.0, pointing to the screen information about incoming calls and messages. Thus, the owner inPulse not have to get a smartphone only to see who is calling, or that the message came. At 1.3-inch OLED-display clock can display the names of contacts from whom received calls or email messages and SMS, but their arrival will alert the vibration. inPulse can operate without recharging up to 4 days, and charge the Bluetooth-watches is available with microUSB-socket.

As already mentioned, is now possible to make reservations at Allerta inPulse on the manufacturer's website. The cost of the device is $ 149. Home delivery is scheduled for February 2010.