browser Firefox Mobile beta 4 for Maemo

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Has been released the fourth beta version of mobile browser Fennec (Firefox Mobile) operating system Maemo. As we know, based on this platform working internet tablet from Nokia. The new beta version works much more smoothly, and also received a number of improvements and bug fixes. Special attention was paid to additions (add-on), bookmarks and download manager. By the way, the company is concurrently working on Mozilla Firefox Mobile operating system, Windows Mobile, but this browser still at the stage of Alpha 3.

Innovations and improvements in Firefox Mobile beta 4 for:

  • Improved touch control
  • Improved zooming and moving the page
  • Simplified the work of a download manager (deleted file search on the disk)
  • Completed the process of work with bookmarks
  • Simplified management bookmarks
  • Added pop-up warning when tabs are open in the background
  • Bookmark List now displays the URL and tags associated with the bookmark
  • Page added information about the product
  • Support Additions Update
  • A number of other possibilities


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