CoolIT OMNI - a universal system of liquid cooling for AMD cards

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Any real computer enthusiast or gamer will tell you that one of the main enemies of productivity is a high temperature. This is especially noticeable when you start to overclock your CPU or video card in order to increase system performance. It is no accident overclockers devise all kinds of air, liquid, or more exotic methods of cooling their PCs, and various companies offer ready-made system.

Company CoolIT, proved to be a producer of high quality and reliable solutions, announced a new universal system of liquid cooling for graphics cards AMD. Novelty called OMNI, and is designed specifically for the new graphics card AMD, such as the Radeon HD 5750 and HD 5770. In addition, this system reduces the overall noise level at the computer.

Cooling system CoolIT OMNI made leak-proof and able to operate without maintenance by the user. At present levels of performance of this system, as well as its cost and timing of a sale remain unknown. However, those who are already going to buy it, it must be remembered that the use of such cooling systems invalidates warranty on graphics cards.