Eric Schmidt has predicted the future of the Internet for the next five years

Thursday, October 29, 2009

According to Google CEO Eric Schmidt, in five years on the Internet will dominate the content in Chinese. The forecast is one of the captains of Internet business has made in interviews during the event, Gartner Symposium / ITxpo Orlando 2009, held last week.

Schmidt reasonably believes that today's teenagers will change the face of the Internet of the future. Five years later, young professionals will be no problem to move from one web application to another, which makes now the young users. In doing so, they can significantly improve performance of computers, as well as increased speed internet connections, which exceeds 100 MB / sec. Such high speed, in turn, will contribute to the development of various Internet services, including streaming TV and radio broadcasts. In addition, Schmidt notes that the information obtained in real time, has the same value as any other. Therefore, Google intends to include the indexing of such information in its search service.

Schmidt also spoke about the new operating system, Google OS. According to him, netbooks on the software platform will appear in 2010, as Google OS itself can operate in offline mode.


Anonymous said...

I could NOT get what Schmidty said as THIS ONLINE VIDEO CLIP WAS NOT CAPTIONED. Why on earth do people keep on doing this? Not only do deaf and hard of hearing people rely on captions, but so do people with learning disabilities, AND people without speakers on their computers, AND people in quiet spaces who need the text version.