The final version of Ubuntu 9.10 Desktop Edition - 29 October

Monday, October 26, 2009

Company Canonical also announced the impending withdrawal OS Ubuntu 9.10 Desktop Edition. New version of the popular Linux distribution will be available for free download from October 29. Ubuntu 9.10 distinguish new GUI boot and logon, a significant acceleration of boot, an updated interface to control the sound and improve the usage of 3G communications.

To accommodate the wishes of users to improve Ubuntu, in July launched the initiative "100 Paper Cuts - 100 improvements". Community of users were asked to name the most hindering the work of a hundred defects. Currently made over 50 edits in the interface of the system, including such irritants as a moments of inconsistency in the title and sub-optimal selection of applications included in the system by default. There are more substantial changes, for example, version 9.10 includes the Ubuntu Software Centre, which helps to better navigate in today's software with open source software, available for use.

In Ubuntu 9.10 as a standard application integrated service Ubuntu One. Ubuntu One - is the common name of a set of online services now available in beta in May 2009. Ubuntu One simplifies data backup, sync and share files with other users of Ubuntu, supported Tomboy Notes and provides the ability to save and synchronize contacts from different models of mobile phones. Ubuntu One offers 2 GB of storage for free, and 50 GB for $ 10 a month.

In Ubuntu 9.10 includes new tools for developers - both professional and amateur enthusiasts. For users wishing to create applications for the platform Ubuntu, is a set of add-ons called Quickly, which automates many routine programming tasks. Quickly also allows you to "pack" code in the packets and distribute it through databases Ubuntu. Source programs can be stored in a revision control system Bazaar, which is part of the portal interaction Developer Launchpad - web-platform open source.

For users of netbooks and smartbukov created an improved interface Ubuntu 9.10 Netbook Remix, which makes use of the compact system is convenient and simple. As in the Ubuntu 9.10 desktop, at Ubuntu Netbook Remix integrated program for instant messaging Empathy, which allows you to exchange text, voice and video messaging, data files.