Gartner: Android can overtake on the popularity of iPhone OS in 2012

Thursday, October 8, 2009

According to a study conducted by Gartner, Google Android operating system is the most promising market of mobile software platforms. Currently, its share is less than two percent, but in 2012 this figure will exceed 14 percent. Thus, the popularity of Android will grow seven times ahead for this indicator iPhone OS, which will allow the platform to take second place in the market behind Symbian. Such a rapid growth in popularity of Android related to market development of mobile applications for this platform, believed to Gartner.

In fact, this means that the end of 2012 operating system Android will be approximately 76 million smartphones sold during the year. Similar rates iPhone OS will amount to 71.5 million units, equivalent to 13.7 per cent of the market. At the same share of market leader mobile platforms Symbian declined to 39 percent. This means that the operating system will be on 203 million smartphones were sold.

Regarding the two other major market participants, the Windows Mobile platform and the BlackBerry OS will have to fight to preserve their positions. In 2012, their share according to analysts Gartner amount to 12.8 percent (66.8 million units sold) and 12.5 per cent (65.25 million units), respectively. In this device based on Linux, for example, internet tablet Nokia N900, using OS Maemo, win 5.4 percent of total market (28 million units), while the share of webOS, developed by Palm, remains 2.1 per cent (11 million units ).