Gigabyte GSmart S1200 - a compact Windows Mobile communicator

Monday, October 26, 2009

GSmart S1200 - Gigabyte's new Communicator class "all in one" with the support of all modern wireless protocols, including a network of third generation (3G) and satellite-based GPS-navigation. At the core of the device - a platform for medium-power processor-based Qualcomm MSM7200A with a frequency of 528 MHz.

Gigabyte GSmart S1200 is equipped with high-resolution screen WVGA (480 x 800). This display has a minimum physical size among devices with the same screen resolution - 3,1 inches. Use this screen has allowed to minimize the physical size of the communicator. GSmart 1200 - the most compact on the market of devices running Windows Mobile and the screen is high resolution WVGA.

Other features of the device:

  • The latest operating system Windows Mobile 6.5 (upgrade available to owners S1200 from the end of October 2009).
  • Modern design in the style of hi-tech: mirrored black front panel in silver border "by the metal, the back panel and battery compartment lid - in classic black.
  • At GSmart S1200 installed graphical interface of its own design company Gigabyte - Smart Pack, facilitating management unit using the fingers (without stylus). Smart Pack includes four ways of organizing space and four desktop themes associated graphic design: classic, familiar interface of Windows Mobile, Theme Smart Zone, subject Chinese Painting ( «Chinese Painting"), the theme of Live Nature (in the style of the main theme of desktop Windows XP) .
  • In the last three options available to the user two-tier menu, consisting of a few working screens, switching between them is simple finger movements: from top to bottom, left to right or right to left, diagonally. At each of the screens are grouped icons access the main applications to the device: a phone, handheld computer functions, multimedia functions.

    On the main desktop themes in the Smart Zone, Chinese Painting, Live Nature displays important system information (clock, battery level, the activity of wireless interfaces, missed calls, SMS and came E-mail) and short-term weather forecast.

    Registration of basic desktop themes of Chinese Painting and Windows Live, varies depending on time of day: sunrise on the screen changes to a bright, sunny day, which in turn gives way to decline, then a moonlit night. An additional element of the graphic design of the main desktop is a fun animated characters who occasionally appear on the screen.

    Interface Smart Pack also includes a system of widgets (G-Widgets). The user can independently adjust the position of widgets and identify applications that run through them.

    Gigabyte GSmart S1200 is available for purchase at retail company Vobis Computer "from the end of October 2009. Until the end of the month the device will be available also in a number of federal retail chains - partners Vobis.


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