Google builds Native Client in the new version of Chrome browser

Monday, October 5, 2009

Google has released a new version of its browser Chrome numbered One of the main innovation was the appearance of a support technology Native Client, using the resources of the local computer to work with Web applications. Thus, the browser was able to accelerate work with Web applications written in languages, JavaScript, Flash, etc.

Technology Native Client (NaCl) is a proprietary development of Google, allowing for use of CPU resources on your computer to work with Web applications. Thus, the speed of these applications should be closer to the performance of traditional programs that are installed on your hard disk. This will improve the competitiveness of such web applications like Google Docs, as compared to Pack Microsoft Office, and, ultimately, strengthen the position of the project Google Chrome OS.

Most browsers now work with applications that have restrictions on the use of computer resources. However, Google managed to create a specialist development environment for writing web-based programs that directly access to the CPU architecture with x86 (for example, AMD Athlon or Intel Core). A special software tools and verification mechanism built into the Native Client, to minimize the risks associated with downloading executable applications from the network.