Intel is developing a new processor with the function of self-tuning

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

It was learned that Intel has developed a prototype of a new processor, which can bring new energy efficiency standards in all categories - from mobile devices to server systems. This shall be implemented will be measured through self-tuning features that will be included in the new chip. Such technology will actually increase the function Intel Turbo Mode, transferred to a new level.

The new processor will be adjusted to various system parameters, including clock speed, temperature and level of voltage. For example, a CPU can automatically adjust its settings if the user will replace the cooling system more efficient. The same rule does not require user interaction to occur on hot summer days, when the computer is heated more.

Of course, self-adjusting processor will not soon. The situation with them is similar to another project to build Intel 80-core chip Terascale, the first information on which appeared a few years ago.