Lenovo Lost & Found service will be available in the U.S

Monday, October 5, 2009

Let's completely life situation - you have lost your laptop. It can be forgotten at the airport to leave the hotel or taxi, etc. And in a notebook, for example, are your favorite photos, personal records and other valuable information, which is not want to lose. In this case the finder a laptop, even if he sincerely wants to return to its owner, is likely to remain only shrug.

That in such cases, Lenovo and created a service Lost & Found, which increases the chances too scattered to new owners met with the lost electronic helper. This service is only available for Lenovo ThinkPad notebooks with Computrace installed program from Absolute Software. In case of loss of a laptop owner remotely activate the software. The program displays on display toll-free phone, which can call any person who has found the device. In addition, this number is duplicated sticker on the case of notebook

After the phone call is sent to the finder box for mailing, and the laptop is sent to Lenovo. This is done to preserve the anonymity of the owner, who will receive your laptop from the company after some time. Thus for the device a good global citizen who found the whole procedure will not cost a penny is not because expenses are paid through a subscription to the Software Computrace.


AllLaptopReview said...

Sounds pretty cool, but I wonder if it will still work if the battery die.