Manli PC T1 Nettop with NVIDIA ION platform

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Manli Technology Company introduced nettop line T1. As the producer, Manli T1 - is a small and stylish PC weighs less than a kilogram. It easily fits in a rack for equipment.

Manli T1 is built on the platform NVIDIA ION, uses the Intel Atom processor 330, to reduce power consumption. 2 GB of memory, hard drive, 250 GB and a built-in graphics core NVIDIA IGP9400 provide good graphics performance, including high-definition video. In addition, Manli T1 is equipped with HDMI output - the user can not only work with documents and communicate on the Internet, but use it as a media center to watch the video of any format. In November, the sale will appear in two models nettop Manli T: T1-A (160 GB SATA) and T1-B (250 GB SATA).

Features of Manli T1-A and Manli T1-B:

* Processor Intel Atom 330 1.6 GHz
* Memory - 1 GB DDR2 533 (max. up to 4 GB) Manli T1-A and 2 GB of DDR2 533 (max. up to 4 GB) Manli T1-B
* Winchester - 160 GB SATA Manli T1-A and 250 GB SATA Manli T1-B
* Video NVIDIA ION IGP9400
* Interface - HDMI, VGA, 5 USB, 10/100 LAN, audio I / O
* Dimension - 190x150x25 mm
* Weight - 900 grams