Microsoft is showing five new mouse prototypes

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Microsoft is known not only as a developer of all kinds of software, but also as a producer of various equipment, including computer peripherals. A special "skate" Microsoft are computer mice, many users recognized credentials for quality, comfort and functionality.

However, the design and engineering thought is not static, and a computer mouse is constantly evolving, acquiring new external and internal features. For example, at the UIST conference Microsoft unveiled prototypes for five mice, reflecting its vision of the future of input devices.

Presented five concepts, as seen in the photographs have a very unusual appearance, virtually nothing resembling the usual computer "rodent." In addition, they are united as a standard for these devices function, and the latest multitouch technology.

It is believed to Microsoft, these five prototypes of a computer mouse set a standard of interaction with future computer systems. Moreover, each of which demonstrates its specific strategy. The common for all presented concepts is the complete absence of any physical buttons. They were replaced by touch-sensitive surface, which occupies the whole block devices.

It is still unknown if we would see in reality something like shown prototypes, and exactly when it happens. No doubt is that Microsoft is trying to keep pace with the times, using their device the most advanced technologies and ideas.