Microsoft Recite dies on December 31

Monday, October 5, 2009

In team blog Windows Mobile, it was reported that on Dec. 31, 2009 will be discontinued support for voice search applications Microsoft Recite. This application was announced in February this year and has become one of the most innovative Windows Mobile development team over the past few years.

Microsoft Recite The program allows owners of mobile devices on the Windows Mobile platform dictate short messages and then find the necessary notes using voice commands. However, it does not convert speech to text, like most analogies, and analyzes the available specimens, one of which is to preserve the note, and another - a voice search query, and finds similarities in these records.

With Microsoft Recite can be stored in the device several thousand voice notes, including messages on birthdays of friends and colleagues, reminders of important meetings and the names of new movies. This is so useful and necessary program still has the status of technology "preview" (Technology Preview), and, as it is now clear, will not receive even a public beta, and its users can not use it, since the new year. Because it is built on client-server principle and can not operate without appropriate support.

While Microsoft offers a method of transferring voice messages created on a computer, where they can persist for users of Microsoft Recite this is small consolation. It is hoped that the cessation of support of this application is only a temporary measure, and we still see it integrated into future versions of the operating system Windows Mobile.