myTouch 3G Fender and other "celebratory» Android model of T-Mobile

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

T-Mobile is officially announced the list of models c OS Android, which should lead the pre-sale at the end of the year. Among the devices announced were as already known and previously presented model. The latter include phones Samsung Behold II and Motorola CLIQ support service MOTOBLUR. Regarding the exact date of the sale price and Samsung models are not reported and Motorola CLIQ appear in this statement on October 19 in two colors for $ 199.99 at the conclusion of the two-year contract.

An interesting reincarnation myTouch 3G in a series of Fender Limited Edition. From conventional myTouch 3G, this model will be distinguished by the presence of 3,5-mm audio jack and unusual design corps. In the name of the series reflected the name of the famous company to produce guitars that will be supported by the modified design of the phone: the phone will look as if made of wood. Also, he will come preloaded with 16 GB memory card, which will be recorded video and audio clips of famous musicians.

T-Mobile Tap is positioned as a stylish touch screen phone, in which the emphasis is on design. An attractive look, this model supports service web2go over 3G networks, has a 2-megapixel camera with video recording, GPS-navigator and module Bluetooth. Rather, it is Huawei U7510 subjected rebranding.

The last of the presented model of Nokia phones has become 3711. This phone is very similar to "cot» Nokia 3710, but has a more simple 2-megapixel camera. This unit supports work in the third-generation networks, has GPS and Bluetooth modules and built on the platform S40. On the precise timing of a sale of this model and its price is also not reported.