NVIDIA is preparing to introduce three cards on the chip Fermi

Monday, October 5, 2009

According to Fudzilla the resource with reference to its own sources, NVIDIA plans to introduce three video cards based on the new chip architecture GF100 Fermi. The first of these will be the flagship single-chip model, intended to replace the existing GeForce GTX 285. This card should receive 16 SM-blocks and the maximum clock frequency, and its performance exceeds the figures recently released ATI Radeon HD 5870. In this new video card NVIDIA will be more hot and expensive than the competing model, and exceed it in size.

In addition, the California company plans to provide more affordable graphics cards based on the number of stripped-down version of the chip GF100, which will be one or two SM-block less. This adapter will get 448 or 480 shader processors (the previous model number was 512) and lower operating frequencies, as well as a narrower memory interface (probably its width to 320 bits). This model should replace the video card GeForce GTX 275 and become a competitor to Radeon HD 5850.

Among other things, confirmed information about the development of two-chip NVIDIA card, which would be analogous to the current leader of the line GeForce GTX 295. This graphics card will hold more than six billion transistors, and its a TDP should not exceed 300 watts (the same figure one GF100 should be approximately 225 watts). Thus, NVIDIA engineers have to go to reduce the number of SM-blocks and clock speeds of the new dual-chip cards to meet the planned framework.

Release all those cards are expected later this year, and more widespread and available adapters on the architecture of Fermi to appear as early as 2010.