The original headphones Audio-Technica WM55

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Official distributor of Audio-Technica announced the imminent appearance of Russia's market of new headphones WM55 from the Japanese company Audio-Technica. This closed-end headphones with a wide frequency range and mini-cushioned ear pads the monitor overhead.

The main advantages of Audio-Technica WM55 - is a powerful sound and light construction. From the technical specifications is to provide high sensitivity (108 dB) that in combination with resistance 20 Ohm headphones provide clear audio, loud enough for a wide frequency range.

Audio-Technica WM55 - a light arc headphones with lanyard, with automatic reeling. The model is made with strong metal handles. To improve the ergonomics headband and ear cups are covered with soft synthetic leather.

Image feature WM55 - the opportunity to change the color overlay on the cups, giving the right type of headphones. On the choice of the buyer offers 4 pairs of colored plates (black, blue, yellow, red - in some configuration options may be other colors), reaching in the kit.


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