Panasonic Develops 50-inch 3D plasma with FullHD resolution

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

At the CEATEC 2009 exhibition, taking place in these days in Japan, Panasonic has introduced its latest development - 3D system, which includes FullHD plasma TV, as well as special glasses with active shields. We have already written about the development of Japanese engineers, and now the visitors had a chance to see her, they say, his own eyes.

Is reported, for example, that the plasma FullHD panel has a very small thickness and fantastic viewing angles. In this case the glasses provided by Panasonic, are located far enough from the person that makes it possible to use with conventional optical glasses. Regarding the quality of the stereo image, issued by the system, it simply defies the imagination. In the demo with a 3D animated film "The Mission of Darwin" (G-Force) easily perceived image depth, and dynamic scenes were surprisingly smoothly.

At the same time, Panasonic stereo system is still only a prototype, not without some drawbacks. For example, to view 3D-images have to use special glasses, which are fairly expensive device. In any case, it's hard to provide a family of four in the evening gather at the 3D TV to watch movies.