Samsung and Pantech announced the "browser" model with virtual and physical QWERTY-keyboard for the AT & T

Monday, October 5, 2009

Along with advanced »Windows Mobile communicator HTC, AT & T today introduced a simpler and more phone models. Devices by Samsung and Pantech combines the relatively small touch screen and full QWERTY-keyboard. Four new models are targeted primarily at ensuring ease of use built-in Internet browser and send text messages. Apparatus known as a Pantech Reveal and Impact, as well as Samsung Mythic and Flight, have interface TouchWiz UI and the new "improved" web browser.

In the picture from left to right demonstrates Samsung Mythic, Samsung Flight and Pantech Reveal, but Pantech Impact, has touch-sensitive OLED-screen AT & T is not shown. Samsung Mythic different 3.3-inch touch screen, support for mobile TV AT & T Mobile TV and GPS-navigator with the service AT & T Navigator. Slider Samsung Flight learning a much smaller display, but more QWERTY-keyboard, which, according to AT & T, is optimized to work with one hand.

Models of the Pantech company supplied digital and QWERTY-keyboard at the same time, if Pantech Reveal is an ordinary slider, the Pantech Impact is made in some "new form factor." The first of these is distinguished by the support networks of the third generation, navigation services and GPS-module, and the second has a touch-sensitive OLED-screen technology to support haptic.

Samsung models will go on sale next month priced at $ 200 for the Mythic and $ 100 for Flight. On the timing of the market and price Pantech models are not reported.