Spire Storm 954 - an elegant and efficient cooler for Intel chips

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Company prepares Spire in the near future to expand its line of CPU coolers new model under the brand Storm. Cooler Spire Storm 954 is an elegant and efficient solution for cooling in the performance of Intel LGA-775, LGA-LGA-1156 and 1366.

CPU Cooler Spire Storm 954 includes a star shaped aluminum radiator with a copper core, the four rubber mounting for the fan, effectively absorbing vibration, as well as the actual 90 mm fan with a suspension of bearings, rotating at 2400 revolutions per minute. The level of noise emanating from the cooler is 22 acoustic decibels.

CPU Cooler Spire Storm 954 comes with thermal paste S420 and should appear on sale at the end of this month. The cost of the device is not mentioned.