Toshiba K01, K02 and L01 at CEATEC 2009 in Japan

Thursday, October 8, 2009

The exhibition CEATEC 2009 in Japan, Toshiba is demonstrated mobile devices, K01, K02 and L01. They already know a little bit of spyware roadmap of the company. Toshiba K01 - a communicator operating system Windows Mobile 6.5. It features a large 4.1-inch touch screen with WVGA resolution and sliding QWERTY-keyboard. The thickness of the device is 15 mm. Most likely, it will be announced before the end of this year.

Toshiba K02, as expected, the horizontal clamshell, but instead of QWERTY-keyboard with her, despite the image in the roadmap, the second display. Diagonal display is 3,5 inches, resolution - WVGA. Outside, a communicator has a small screen and 10-button keypad. Toshiba K02 also works on Windows Mobile 6.5, machine will come next year.

And, finally, Toshiba L01 - rather, it is a mobile internet device (MID), since it is equipped with a large 7-inch touch screen. But it is also based on Windows Mobile 6.5. Apparently, Toshiba L01 will go on sale in 2010.