Ultra-slim notebook Dell Adamo XPS

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Resource Engadget posted some pictures, apparently, closed demonstrate a new laptop Dell Adamo XPS. Recall, September 9 (just one of the three nines - 9.09.09) appeared tizerny site finest laptop Dell Adamo XPS thickness of only 9.99 mm. Known that this 13.4-inch model with a solid state drive. More about the laptop yet nothing is known. We can assume that it will use energy-efficient Intel ULV processor and running the operating system Windows 7.

Judging from the photos from Engadget, Laptop Dell Adamo XPS, indeed, extremely thin. He certainly does not have built-in optical drive, but that the most surprising, with such a thickness somewhere must be placed connectors. It's not clear when the finest novelty will go on sale, but probably not until the end of October.