WikiReader: Wikipedia in your pocket

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

If your phone or other device that provides quick access to the Internet, find and read the desired article "Wikipedia" Labor does not make. But it is only when in coverage. For those who feel the need to read the online encyclopedia, not being able to go on the Internet, it is proposed WikiReader - a device stored in its memory of its off-line version.

Outwardly, this device resembles the device for reading electronic books. With them his relatives, and the fact that increasing the number of stored articles all have illustrations. As the figures show WikiReader should not, then the logical step and became a general simplification and cheapening of the screen - he became a monochrome, although touch. In addition to a touch control device has received three buttons that simplify navigation. On assurances of the creators, this unit is different and yet very low power consumption - a pair of AAA batteries, it should suffice for a year of work.
The operating system is a special design, from the company Openmoko, the open type, which should encourage further development of its users. Internal memory WikiReader does not have all the data, including OS, stored on a microSD-card.

As of today, this device is available for sale. Its cost, when ordering via the Internet, is $ 99. Updates encyclopedia you can either download from the network, or subscribe to the newsletter. It will cost $ 29 per year, which means getting a new microSD card every quarter.