Windows operating system 8: 128-bit Operating System

Thursday, October 8, 2009

No sooner had the new operating system Windows 7 be on store shelves, as the network began to appear information about its immediate and remote successors. For example, Robert Morgan (Robert Morgan), who is head of the department of research and development at Microsoft, said in his profile in the business social network LinkedIn, the corporation is working on the future implementation of Windows 8 and Windows 9 compatibility with 128-bit architecture. In this latest version of the software platform for sure will support IA-128.

Now a team of developers of future operating systems employed in the implementation of IA-128 full binary compatibility with existing 64-bit instructions. In addition, to build relationships with leading manufacturers of processors and other hardware, including the companies Intel, AMD, HP and IBM.

Previously it was thought that Windows 8 will receive a 64-bit version, since the server running Windows Server 2008 R2 is just a 64-bit. At the same time, according to Morgan, they are only working on full binary compatibility, so in Windows 8 128-bit architecture can not be realized until the end. But without it for the end users of this platform will be many new and interesting, for example, an improved system of hibernation and recovery, as well as new security features, including modification of PatchGuard.

However, those who are already interested in the new operating system will have to be patient. The appearance of Windows 8 we promise not before 2011, but most likely in 2012.