100-inch multi-touch table Ideum MT-50 supports 50 simultaneous touches

Monday, November 2, 2009

Remember the fantastic 50-inch multitouch table Ideum MT-50, which we described in August? So, the company Ideum, has developed this miracle, decided not to rest on our laurels, and announced the availability of new versions of its device. The difference from the prototype mainly consists in size - now Ideum MT-50 has a diagonal of 100 inches and supports more than 50 simultaneous touches. This means that it can simultaneously operate fifty users.

The new 100-inch Ideum MT-50 has widescreen multi-touch display, capable of creating an image with a diagonal of 86 inches, a resolution of 2304 x 800 pixels and an aspect ratio of 16: 5. Thus, he became one of the largest multi-touch tables ever created in the world.

The new 100-inch Ideum MT-50 was designed for the exhibition Space Chase Gallery at Adventure Science Center and was one of several high-tech exhibits, which the company Ideum placed in the Research Center, located in Nashville, Tennessee. Ordinary visitors can enjoy on this multi-touch table is November 7. And though his software-based Flash explicitly designed for the learning process, nothing prevents the further use of this device in other areas.