ATI Redwood and Cedar are expected in the first quarter of 2010

Sunday, November 29, 2009

Releasing dual-chip graphics card ATI Radeon HD 5970 (Hemlock), AMD has closed the chapter on announcing their graphics products that support DirectX 11, scheduled for 2009. Recall that in the current year also saw the light boosters Radeon HD 5870 (Cypress XT), Radeon HD 5850 (Cypress PRO), Radeon HD 5770 (Juniper XT) and Radeon HD 5750 (Juniper LE).

However, next year, sure there will be new solutions AMD technology to support DirectX 11. The first quarter of 2010 should bring us two new chips, and three graphics cards with support for a given set of libraries. For example, the mass market will receive 40 nm chip Redwood XT, which will replace the Radeon HD 4770 and 4670. A second similar chip will be called Redwood PRO and will replace the Radeon HD 4650.

Market less productive solutions is also waiting completion of 40-nm chip Cedar, also equipped with support for DirectX 11, which should replace the Radeon HD 4550 and 4350. However, these video cards, as well as the Radeon HD 3450, will continue to exist as a solution of a lower level. In this video on chips Cedar, may be sold under the brands Radeon HD 55x0/53x0 depending on performance.


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