A beta version of Chrome browser for Mac will be in December

Sunday, November 15, 2009

It looks like those of computer users to Mac, who stare at the browser Google Chrome, a short time left to suffer in anticipation. Project Chrome Nick Baum (Nick Baum) brought good news: Google has finally release a public version of its Internet browser designed for Mac-systems. Moreover, it will happen, he said, already in early December.

Although the official Google representative declined to name the exact date of release Chrome for Mac, he noted that the time frame, called Baum, coincide with promises to provide a beta version of the browser before the end of the year. Note that although the version of Chrome for Mac, designed for developers, have been available in June, they are not recommended for ordinary users because of problems with stability.

Recall, Windows-version of your browser Chrome became available for mass use in September 2008, but the Mac-version has so far not actually created. Initially it was expected in the first half of 2009, but the process of its development is clearly delayed. Note, incidentally, that Firefox and most other browsers long enough and successfully ported to Mac OS X, and Apple Safari, in turn, has its own Windows-version.