Creative MediaBook - E-book with a color touch screen

Monday, November 2, 2009

According to the resource EpiZenter, company Creative has demonstrated a working prototype of its first e-book. It's called MediaBook, although the commercial name of the device may be different. The presentation was held at the main annual event Creative in Singapore. Electronic Book MediaBook equipped with color touch screen, a slot for SD memory card and supports text to speech. It is also reported that at the core of the device technology is posited Creative Zii SoC (System-On-Chip). Besides, it will be able to access the Internet.

In this case, vice-president of Creative APG Willie (Willie Png) reported that MediaBook will not just read books in electronic format, but will receive and multimedia functions. Including the ability to view videos, images, and support various services. While the textual content and also paid great attention: it will provide 10 publishing companies. Content will include art books, magazines, teaching materials and so on. While not reported any deadlines for the issuance or device cost.


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