Dell 5130cdn, Dell 7130cdn and Dell 3330dn - printer trio speed

Friday, November 13, 2009

Dell today announced three new printers designed for use in the office. This model - Dell 5130cdn, Dell 7130cdn and Dell 3330dn. Dell 5130cdn a color laser printer that can print up to 47 pages of unilateral and bilateral up to 37 pages per minute, is supported by both black and white and color printing. This model uses ColorbyDell, which improves print quality, color saturation and sharpness. System administrators can choose software ColorTrack Pro from Dell, which allow you to track and monitor printer usage by other users in the network. The printer has a 800 MHz processor and 256 MB of RAM. Management is facilitated through the LCD display with a resolution of 160x64 pixels.

Model 7130cdn - a color LED printer capable of printing sheet tabloid (279h432 mm). It can handle sheets of different formats. The printer is based on 1 GHz processor, has 512 MB of memory (optionally up to 4 GB). Print speed up to 35 pages per minute, he also has a LCD display with a resolution of 128x64 pixels.

And, finally, the model 3330dn - High-performance laser printer, capable of delivering up to 40 pages format letter (216h279 mm) per minute in monochrome printing. It has a 466 GHz processor with 64 MB of RAM and uses a four-line display. New printers Dell 5130cdn, Dell 7130cdn and Dell 3330dn is available for sale. Their cost is $ 1549, $ 2,799 and $ 599 respectively.


Mike J said...

That's pretty impressive. 47 paes per minute although that's a bit much for the common office. I think the lower end model getting 40 ppm is impressive and worth a look especially for $599

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