G-Monster V4 - new line of SSD drives from PhotoFast

Sunday, November 15, 2009

PhotoFast company announced a new line of SSD drives G-Monster V4. This series included three versions of the 1.8-inch flash drive with the following interface connections - 40-pin ZIF, 44-pin IDE and 50-pin IDE. In addition, SSD drives G-Monster V4 differ in capacity, which varies from 32 to 256 GB in various versions.

New SSD Drives G-Monster V4 implemented based on NAND flash memory with multilevel cell (MLC) and a 64 MB cache and a special function Garbage Collection, allows you to remove the newly labeled data when the drive is idle. Thus, even after prolonged use of SSD write speed of information on it remains high.

New 1.8-inch SSD Drives G-Monster V4 able to demonstrate the speed of reading and writing data to 128 Mb / s and 90 Mb / s, respectively. They are fitted with an annual guarantee and will be available next month.