JVC EX-A15 - the new flagship micro Woodcone

Monday, November 30, 2009

JVC has introduced a new flagship Woodcone microsystems with a particular expressive sound - EX-A15. One block is a DVD player, the other - a digital amplifier with tuner. Columns of maple wood and anisotropic diffusers designed primarily for fans of high-quality natural sound.

In the EX-A15 uses the column with a special system of wood-plate acoustic resonators, which enhances the bass component and improves the distribution of the sound field. Diffusers reinforced horizontally and vertically for more rapid distribution of sound in these areas, that extends the sound field, and the sound becomes more detailed.

Reinforced DVD player and receiver have a mechanism for suppression of vibrations. The new digital amplifier with a combined feedback increases the frequency channel to 80kGts at-3dB, 4th, by adding the expression of acoustic playing, including harmonic overtones, as well as a number of improvements have enhanced the sound permit for secondary colors and lower distortion. For admirers of compressed formats, EX-A15 will improve the sound, thanks to a proprietary system restore the sound K2. Through an optional adapter, you can connect your iPod or iPhone, JVC adds the first time such a possibility in their models Woodcone.