Microsoft is gathering experts to work in Windows 8

Monday, November 2, 2009

Quite a bit of time passed since the release of Windows 7, but Microsoft is taking the first congratulations. Indeed, the new software platform has already set a record for advance orders of popularity in the UK and has been quite successful in terms of sales. And this is happening, despite the occasional error in the installation, which include "dumping" system in the endless reboot.

However, the Redmond company is not going to rest on its laurels and is already thinking of the continuation of Windows 7. In any case, the list of vacancies, which appeared in the network, contains the first mention of the Window 8 and leaves no doubt - Microsoft is seriously working on the next version of the operating system. In particular, corporations need a specialist to Senior Project Manager (Senior Program Manager). The second vacancy is for a set of integrated Web applications and programs from Microsoft's Windows Live.

This position leads to believe that the service is Windows Live Mail can be further integrated into Windows 7 and future Windows operating system 8. In addition, it became known number of users of this service at present - 40 million people, which Microsoft could easily add to the half of users Hotmail and Windows Live Messenger. Two vacancies are software developers.

Of course, it's great that Microsoft is already beginning to develop a new version of Windows. We hope, however, that this does not prevent the corporation to continue work on the Windows 7 and promptly address revealed its shortcomings.