mobile innovations from Philips and Samsung Photo

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

We offer you the see the photos of new models of mobile phones by Philips and Samsung, which are represented by models D800 and SCH-W799, respectively.

Philips D800:

This model is particularly interesting due to its high-gloss design and expensive appearance. In terms of the same only one large screen and a minimum of buttons, you can make the assumption that all control is in your phone, touch-sensitive. But the emergence of a new numbering and high atomic number makes an assumption about the beginning of a new series (premium phones?), Where the novelty does not set aside the last place.

Samsung SCH-W799:

This phone is primarily interested in what is a "clamshell" despite the presence of a large external display, which, presumably, is a touch. SCH-W799 has recently certified by the FCC and has, according to available documents, support for CDMA / EVDO and GSM networks, as well as the wireless technology Bluetooth.