Mobile TV Yota TV in format DVB-H

Monday, November 30, 2009

Company Yota, a developer and supplier of innovative mobile services, from November 11, launched in Moscow Yota TV broadcasting - digital mobile TV format in the DVB-H. Uninterrupted broadcasting in Moscow provides built by Yota network of mobile TV standard DVB-H, which includes dozens of transmitters.

To use the service Yota TV, you need a phone that supports the standard DVB-H. Currently, such models are produced by virtually all the leading mobile phone manufacturers - Nokia, Samsung, LG and others, but did not come to Russia because of the lack of service.

Now in the official sales in Russia can be a model Nokia N96 with support for DVB-H. With this phone you can watch TV Yota. The service is available to subscribers of all cellular operators, as well as the service is not tied to the SIM-card. In the near future in Russia market will be expanded line of mobile devices that can receive TV channels as DVB-H.

In test broadcasts scheduled free broadcasts eight channels available for clock hours. This "first channel", "Russia", "Vesti", "Bibigon", "NTV", "The fifth channel", "Mus-TV" and "7TV.