Mozilla Firefox browser may appear on the PlayStation 3

Friday, November 20, 2009

It is known that among the little that annoys a Sony PlayStation 3, one of the first places is very mediocre Web browser, built-in software of the console. The owners of this game console, has repeatedly spoken about the fact that Sony is time to replace your browser to something more functional and attractive.

And now, it seems, dreams of many owners of the PlayStation 3 may become a reality. Resource Playstation Insider with reference to some source, "very close to Sony", explains some of the talks between Japanese corporations and companies Mozilla, which may be subject to release versions of Firefox for the console, PS3.

No details about the negotiations is not given, just as there is no indication as to whether the parties have come to any agreement. But the fact of the appearance of such rumors seems symptomatic. After all, if the Firefox browser actually prescribe to the PlayStation 3, this game console will get a serious trump card against the XBox 360 and Wii.