"Navitel Navigator 3" Android

Saturday, November 28, 2009

JSC "CNT" announced the release of the navigation program "Navitel Navigator" for the Android operating system that supports a free service "Navitel.Probki" throughout Russia, Ukraine and Belarus.

"Navitel Navigator 3" Android has the following features, functions and benefits under the version of the manufacturer:

  • Free interactive service on the territory of all the official maps for the "Navitel" - "Navitel.Probki"
  • Free online service for the rapid exchange of coordinates between the users of the program - "Navitel. SMS"
  • Three-road junctions throughout the coverage maps
  • Warning system places greater emphasis SPEEDCAM
  • Simple, intuitive interface and customizable navigation software
  • Clear and timely voice prompts, intelligent search engine on the map
  • Ability to create and download alternative "skins" program, as well as Voice Prompt Package
  • Ability to use informal (own or third party) cards of any city or country
  • Adjustable display filter POI, support for working with tracks
  • Free software updates "Navitel Navigator"


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