Nearly 40 million Opera Mini users

Thursday, November 26, 2009

The company Opera Software announced that the number of users of mobile browser Opera Mini in October increased by 11% compared to September and close to the mark of 40 million people. At the same time browsing the web and the amount of data transferred has grown even more. The company estimates Opera, Opera Mini users worldwide save about 9.4 billion dollars by allowing your browser to compress expensive traffic.

General Data Report on the mobile Internet from Opera:
  • In October 2009, the number of Opera Mini users totaled 39.6 million people, by 11,3% more than in September and more than 155% - than in October 2008.
  • 39.6 million users watched 17.2 billion pages. Compared with September, this figure rose by 14.8%, and for the year - at 238%.
  • Opera Mini users in October, generated more than 263 million megabytes of traffic for operators worldwide, which is 16% more than in September. Opera Mini allows you to compress data up to 90%. Thus, the total amount of data processed by the browser, is 2.5 petabytes. Compared with October last year, traffic increased by 233%.
  • List of Top 10 countries by the number of users of Opera Mini compared to the previous month has not changed. It includes (in descending order): Russia, Indonesia, India, China, Ukraine, South Africa, United States, Britain, Poland and Vietnam.
  • Number viewed with Opera Mini pages from Russia for the year increased by 111.3% and the number of unique browsers in the country - at 42,1%. On average, each user per month, looked through 410 pages, and each page in an average of 20 kB (after compression).
  • Number of users of Opera Mini in Ukraine for the year increased by 59,5%, and viewed their pages - to 231,3%. Each user has viewed 627 pages, and the average volume of 18 KB page (after compression). Web resource Yahoo back in the top ten most visited sites in Ukraine after a three-month absence in him.