New DVD player Prology DVD-350U MkII already on sale

Saturday, November 28, 2009

In the sale received the updated version of a portable DVD player Prology DVD-350U MkII. The model was constructed based on the popular DVD-player Prology DVD-350, which improved the design, making it more reliable. Prology DVD-350U MkII, like the previous model, works in a standard PAL / NTSC, plays videos in DVD/VCD/MPEG4-formatah, music CD/MP3/WMA and pictures in JPEG.

In Prology DVD-350U MkII implemented the ability to play audio and video files not only with standard discs, but with cards SD (SD card slot is located behind the stylish sliding front panel). Moreover player supports a memory card with USB, which allows the use of modern digital media. Provides remote control to work with that in Prology DVD-350U MkII is built and remote signal receiver remote control. This allows you to control the head unit, even if its "hidden" installation.

Prology DVD-350U MkII has a linear audio / video input mini-Jack for connecting external audio and video, which is located behind the front flip with a protective cover device. It also provides four line outputs RCA, two composite video outputs, digital audio and video output S-Video. Mains lead with plug for connection to the cigarette lighter jack and remote control included.