New generation of wireless tablets SMART Slate

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

The company SMART Technologies introduced a wireless tablet SMART Slate WS200. It allows teachers and students involved in the implementation of digital jobs, projected on a screen to work with an interactive whiteboard, interactive display, or interactive pen display from anywhere in the classroom. SMART Slate designed taking into account feedback from users, resulting in the addition of several additional features such as improved ergonomics, convenient charging through the USB cable and support for 10 languages, including Simplified Chinese, Castilian Spanish and Brazilian Portuguese. Model WS200 replace WS100 (formerly wireless tablet AirLiner WS100) and product delivery to customers in North America will begin November 23, 2009, as global supplies - 23 December.

Each point on the tablet active area SMART Slate (17,3 X10, 8 cm) corresponds to a point on the connected computer screen. Wireless Protocol allows teachers and students learning to control applications on the screen, write and draw, or to open and view files on the computer, or SMART Board interactive whiteboard from anywhere in the classroom. Ergonomic improvements made tablet SMART Slate smaller, lighter and more comfortable. Adding a third programmable button allows you to customize the work of the tablet, and the eraser function, and add notes using the included digital pen without the battery does work with tablet better understood than it was with a model WS100. SMART Slate tablet integrated with a wide range of products SMART, including an interactive display for pens SMART Podium and interactive whiteboard SMART Board, but also can be used only with a computer and a projector.

Wireless technology - Bluetooth 2.1 offers wireless connectivity at a distance of 9,1 m and low power consumption. The device weighs 612 grams and dimensions - 26,6 cm X 21,6 cm X 2,6 cm with an active area to handle 17,3 cm X 10,8 cm There are three programmable buttons that can be customized depending on the wishes of the user for easy work.