New Projectors Epson EB-S7, EB-X7, and EB-W7 for business and education

Friday, November 27, 2009

Epson has introduced the update available in the line of projectors for business and educational institutions - a new mobile series that includes models of Epson EB-S7, EB-X7, and EB-W7. The new projectors are distinguished not only an affordable price and economical operation, but also high for its price segment of the functionality and flexibility. In addition, used in all the projectors Epson 3LCD technology ensures quality.

Epson has made new projectors to 30% smaller and 15% lighter in weight than previous models. With features Epson USB Display projectors connected to a laptop USB-cable without additional configuration, and function keystone correction aligns the image. As promised manufacturer, and the inclusion of heating projectors Epson EB-S7, EB-X7, EB-W7 only takes a few seconds, and they are switched off and cool down instantly.

Epson EB S7 has increased the brightness of 2300 ANSI Lumens, model EB X7 and EB W7 - 2200 lm. Through such brightness and Epson 3LCD technology provides new projectors portrayal, including, in lit rooms, and good color and detail. Supports WXGA resolution projector in EB-W7 allows you to extend the area of the screen at 30% and effectively use this model with widescreen laptops and school interactive whiteboards.

Epson EB-S7, EB-X7, and EB-W7 economical to use. Original lamp Epson E-TORL at 175 watts provides one of the biggest resource on the market - up to 5 000 hours of ECO. The new projectors have features to prevent theft and unauthorized viewing, such as blocking the control panel and password protection feature.

Epson EB-S7, EB-X7, and EB-W7 are guaranteed for 2 years, the projector lamp is provided with 6 month warranty. Epson EB-S7, EB-X7, and EB-W7 are available on Russia's market since November.