New zinc-air batteries will replace the lithium-ion

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

The Swiss company ReVolt plans next year to start producing a new type of zinc-air batteries, which have a much greater capacity than conventional lithium-ion batteries. It is reported that initially the new batteries will be produced for hearing aids, and then to cell phones. Over time, will provide a much more dimensional and high-capacity battery, which will find use in electric vehicles.

New zinc-air batteries have been developed by Norwegian scientists. They are used as the primary reagent atmospheric oxygen that interacts with the anode of zinc and, thus, release or store energy charge. In water-based electrolyte is added special catalysts to accelerate the process. These batteries can theoretically build up to four times higher energy charge than conventional lithium-ion batteries, in addition, at equal capacity are their compact counterparts. It is also important to note that the zinc-air batteries do not contain volatile substances, and therefore they are not combustible.

Prototypes of the new zinc-air batteries can withstand over a hundred charge-discharge cycles, and this number should be at least doubled. Company ReVolt aims to ensure that its batteries were kept from 300 to 500 charge-discharge cycles, which will use them, for example, cellular phones, laptops and Electric.


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