NOVA DSLR - the concept of SLR camera with the functions of the game controller

Monday, November 30, 2009

In today's market there are many digital SLR cameras for every taste and budget - from inexpensive entry-level models to professional instruments with a full-size matrix and a wide variety of functions. But even amidst such a variety of conceptual SLR camera, the proposed designer Erin Fong (Erin Fong) looks really fresh and interesting.

The new concept called NOVA DSLR and, in all probability, intended for those photo enthusiasts who do not mind playing in free time in different video games. As seen in the picture, the device is built upon the Canon camera and is equipped with two detachable handles with elements of the game controller.

Moreover, in addition to gaming functions, the handle could easily control the settings of the camera itself, which greatly extends the possibilities of its use. You can, for example, photograph, holding the device by the handle with one hand (of course, if you have enough strength). In addition, when holding the NOVA DSLR with two hands, increasing the accuracy of centering the camera, which is the Achilles heel of traditional SLRs. Among other things, some amateurs may seem easier to simply hold a mirror for the camera comfortable handle, and not try on how best to embrace her body and battery compartment